Our History

Princeton Endodontics was founded in 1990 by Stephen M. Leveson DMD.   A pioneer in his field, the Tufts and University of Pennsylvania educated doctor was first in Princeton to utilize the surgical operating microscope for endodontic procedures and  first to offer single visit Root Canal treatment.

In 1998,  Dr. Mara Leveson continued this pioneering tradition by implementing innovations such as digital radiography, rotary instrumentaion and thermoplasticized obturation techniques. 

In addition to her Endodontic expertise, Dr. Mara Leveson has a genuine appreciation for the patient as a human being.  Her research at the University of Pennsylvania focused on Dental Anxiety and the Endodontic Patient.”  She understands that it can be frightening for patients to  come to a specialist for a new procedure, with a new doctor, in a new setting.

In light of this,  Dr. Leveson and her staff  take the time to answer questions and listen to patient concerns-both before and after treatment.  Procedures and instructions are carefully explained and patients have direct access to the Doctor after business hours.

Today, Princeton Endodontics continues to provide excellent customer (patient) service. You will always hear a friendly voice on the phone and a warm greeting when you arrive. Severely phobic dental patients as well as young adults, children, the elderly, and handicapped are welcome at Princeton Endodontics.  The staff is readily available to help coordinate an appointment that best fits a patient’s specific needs.